Kitty Adventures: Glossy Hardcover


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In this kid’s book, published sometime between 1901-1909, you will find a story about three kittens and their adventures. On their trip, they visit Miss Tabby Purr, go to a concert, and later roam on a farm where they get into some trouble. Below are features of this book.

• The story and all illustrations are the work of Louis Wain
• Only minor changes have been made, All the pictures and the story are original to the book when it was first published
• Printed on premium paper with vibrant colors
• It contains three large full-color illustrations
• Every page of the story has cat illustrations colored in different shades of turquoise

Louis Wain Memorabilia™ is excited to offer this rare and hard to find kid’s book. In our reproduction of it, we have used high-quality scans of the original and cleaned it up for your entertainment and satisfaction.

This book is a purrfect gift for any Louis Wain collector and for children who love nursery rhymes or cats!

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